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Offers on the go
References at home
Contracts e-signed
Move in money
Move in checks

Do deals on the go, anywhere

We bring the parties together

  • puts you in control of offers, deals, compliance and e-signing contracts. Just 1 click to upload photos, passports and key documents,
  • stores marketing assets, making marketing effortless,
  • allows you to give your landlords a log in to see their offers, deals and the compliance dashboard for their properties,


Keep track easily with PlanetRent deals tracker.

  • Agent or tenant makes offer

    The future is here, engage tenants by submit offers, right there and then at the viewing, it will impress when instantly they receive confirmation (including all the usual 'let as seems' conditions, advice on next steps and details of required move-in monies). Save time, no need to take tenants back to the office. No mistakes as affordability, guarantor triggers and maths are automated.

  • E-notify landlord

    Offers are instantly sent to the landlord including 'special requests' such as 'paint the living room', so the landlord gets no surprises later.

  • Agent or Landlord accepts

    The Landlord can accept the offer, or the Agent on their behalf. Where the Agent accepts the offer, audit trail (date and time of the phone call or copy email (photo or copy/paste)) are easily added.

  • References requested

    PlanetRent builds up each signees profile supported by passports, visa checks and other ID. E-referencing enables each tenant and guarantor to do their references from home when they have all documents to hand.

  • References accepted

    Great news your deal is going through, you can add reference approval audit trail for each person add approval number or photo/upload documents.

  • Prepare Contracts

    Preparing contracts is easy; most of the data has already been captured, and there's no maths to do as rents, apportioned rents and deposits are auto calculated right down to the share of rent and deposit each tenant wants to pay. Contract errors are eliminated and during set up we can integrate your tenancy agreement and branding.

  • All parties e-sign

    PlanetRent generates new tenancies easily and accurately. E-signing triggers tenant(s) and guarantor(s) to sign first, then the landlord. Post signing, a PDF copy emails to all, no admin for you.

  • Signing triggers issue keys #

    Giving possession of a property is a big thing, so after the landlord e-signs the contract PlanetRent generates an authority to give keys number.

  • Move-in checks

    As the move in process defines your professionalism PlanetRent adds any 'special requests' from the offer stage to the normal move-in checks. A photo of the keys can be uploaded against the authority to give keys number.

  • Move-in monies

    PlanetRent processes bank transfers and card payments and puts the money in your bank so you don't need to worry about merchants fees, or anything else for that matter.