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Do deals on the go, anywhere

We bring the parties together

Offers on the go
Accept offers anywhere
Authority to issue Keys

Available properties

Landlords & Agents can choose who can let or act as sub-Agent on each properties.

Marketing Assets

Cloud store photos, floorplans, EPC's marketing blurb safely. Simple upload to various marketing portals.

Planet rent put agents and landlords in control of offers, deals, compliance, e-signing contracts, it also stores marketing assets, feeds the portals & has advance reporting.


Check out how it works in detail below. Keeping track is easy as you can watch the process on Planet Rent’s deals tracker

  • Agent or tenant makes offer

    It creates great confidence when you log the tenant(s) rental offer there and then at the property. Better for you, you don’t need to take them back to the office, better for them, they engage with the property there and then. And when processing the offer there’s a section for additional tenant requests such as: ‘remove the bed as tenant(s) have their own bed’.

  • E-notify landlord

    Instantly the offer is e-notified to the landlord, the tenant(s) get a copy too. Not only does this give reassurance their offer has been processed, but the tenant(s) email contains all the usual ‘let as seen’ conditions, advice on the next steps, e.g., referencing, how much and by when moving in money is required and also confirms any ‘additional tenant requests’ they made so there are no disputes later.

  • Agent or Landlord accepts

    Either the Landlord can accept the offer or the Agent can accept the offer on the Landlord’s behalf. Where the Agent accepts the offer they have to choose whether this was as a result of a phone call (date and time) or if by email (by pasting in a copy of the email). So the audit trail is taken care of for you.

  • References requested

    Currently Planet Rent links to 3 referencing agencies: Paragon, Maras and Agent Assured. Need another, just let us know. And for those who like filling out forms, referencing forms are saved as PDF’s for you to print.

  • References accepted

    Great news – your deal is going through, Planet Rent requires you to confirm for each tenant and any guarantors that their references are acceptable and gives you the 3 options:

    1. to put in the reference approval number
    2. to copy/paste in email confirmation
    3. cloud store the reference approval also. Choose 1, 2 or all 3.

  • Prepare Contracts

    The beauty of planet rent is that as you have been drip feeding information throughout the process preparing contracts is less of a bore. There’s a rent calculator for you and the maths is automated to. Just get us to integrate your tenancy agreement or use ours.

  • All parties e-sign

    The e-signing requires tenant(s) and guarantor(s) to sign first. After that landlord signing is triggered. No admin for you as all parties get emailed a PDF copy after the landlord has signed.

  • Landlord signing triggers issue keys #

    As giving possession of a property is a big thing, Planet Rent generates an ‘authority to give keys’ number after the landlord signs the agreement. And, you can upload a photo of the bunches of keys given to avoid disputes later.